Photo by Mrs. Johnson

Title- Confetti Chandelier

Year- 2003

Medium- Glass

Size- 12ft 1 inches long, 7ft 11 inches wide

This piece of art matches Chihuly and his other previous works. He is well known for his glass works ranging from garden pieces to the chandiliers that he is most often associated with. So the chandelier we see defenitely mathces with all his other pieces since it has all those crazy spirals and etc.


1. This Chandelier isnt really about anything to be honest. Its name is Confetti Chandelier to me means that it is happy or fun. The Confetti could make it mean that it is supposed to be like a party or something along those lines. The colors which are very bright also give it a good happy feeling.

2. There really is no iconography in this one because there are no symbols on here with real meaning. So no iconography on this one.

3. There is also no story that is told on here. To some people it might have a story for them but for others, it is just a cool piece of art that is more for your own imagination and enjoyment.

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