East River No. 1
East River No. 1

East River No. 1
Year: 1926
Medium: Oil on Linen
Size: 12 1/8 x 32 1/8 in.

East River No. 1 fits with Georgia O’Keefe’s known style because it really brings

out the nature within the city. The fog is really brought out and the river looks really

glassy, all of the parts that have to do with nature are brought out and detailed.


East River No. 1 was painted shortly after Georgia O’Keeffe and her new husband moved to New York City. Everyone told Georgia O’Keeffe that it was impossible to paint New York City; they told her that even men haven’t tried it and if they couldn’t then she couldn’t. O’Keeffe had never painted from up above a city, she had always been on ground level, so this was a new experience Also, she had never painted from such a far distance, usually she painted close ups of flowers. The black and white tones of the painting show how O’Keeffe either had hign, low , or medium key, but not combined or mixed keys in some of her paintings. I don't think East River No. 1 has iconography or tells a story, I think Georgia O'Keeffe wanted to try something different and prove a point that just becuase a man couldn't do it didn't mean she couldn't.

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