Sunlight on Brown Stones

Medium: Oil on Canvas

Size: Height: 77.05 cm (30.33 in.), Width: 101.88 cm (40.11 in.)

The Artist is known for having 2-3 people in a painting, no more no less, and he usually makes sunlight a major part of his art, and in this painting there are two people, and the sunlight is reflecting off of them and the building.

Sunlight on Brownstones--Photo by the Author

Meaning: Sunlight on Brownstones does not really mean anything deep in particular, in all actuality it is just two people relaxing outside of a building, in a peaceful manner. Though, Hopper did take pride in being American and Brownstones are an American building, so that was probably why he put that building in it.

Is there Iconography?: This piece of art does not really have any iconography, besides maybe the surrounding and the people represent loneliness and space.

Does it tell a story: Sunlight on Brownstones does not tell a story, it is just two people sitting outside of a building on a nice day and enjoying each others company.