Dale Chihuly was born in Tacoma Washington in 1941 to George Chihuly and Viola Chihuly. He also had an older brother whose name was George. It was a sad time with George's death in 1957 in a navy aviation training accident. To make matters worse his father died nine months later. His mother would go on to support him as he went to school.

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Chihuly and glass met in 1964 when he was just a weaving student. His job at that time was to make large and small tapestries using strips of glass and metal. His glass blowing wouldnt start for him for another year or so. In 1967 he got his M.S. in sculpture from the University of Wisconsin. Two years later he ebstablished the glass department at the Rhode Island School of Design. He was a teacher there from the year he established it all the way to 1983. Around that time is when he went back to the Pacific Northwest to continue to make his own glass work.


Chihuly has a varitey of influences which he uses for his art work. When he married Sylvia Peto in 1987 (although they divorced in 1991) their honeymoon in Venice exposed him to Whimsical venetian glass art that was made during the world wars. Later he asked his friend Lino Tagliapietratto to help him on his new Ventian series. Japan also helped influecned Chihuly as it gave him inspiration to two new series' that he would create. One of them was the ikebana series, which was from from Japans traditional art. The other one was the Float series which he decided to make after he saw their floats and fishing nets and vessels. It was during that time when he also started to make his chandeliers.

Artist's Style

Chihuly is known for his glass art work. His range of work varies from a single vessle to specific installations either indoor or outdoor. His smaller pieces of art are the type that is usally displayed on table tops. His work is also made to be displayed on all kinds of surfaces from pedestals to bodies of water.


Chihuly may not quite have master pieces that people instanly think of when ever they hear his name.Although there may be some people that think of a certain piece when they hear his name. They beleive that there are some works that are worth noting. So here are some of his art works.

One of his best works is his Persian Chandelier. That is when you move underneath this bridge like space and you look up to see all these glass works that just shine on through and makes shadows on the walls.
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Another one is his confetti chandeliers that are just a collection of crazy designs that he makes and puts together to make one huge piece of art.

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He may be a little new to the scene but he is already recognized as a world known glass artist. He has been in alot of books about glass blowing and he continues to help influence those new to the art scene.

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