Frank Lloyd Wright was born on June 8, 1867. As a child, Frank was forced into building by his mother. He would often build with wooden blocks.His parents were William Carey Wright and Anna Lloyd Jones. They grew up as a very poor family his dad was kicked out when Frank was 14, because his wife was tired of him not being able to provide for his family. It is said that Frank never got to see his dad again. Frank than changed his middle name from Lincoln to Lloyd to honor his mother. He went to Madison high school but there they can't find any records of him graduating. He was admitted into University of Wisconsin-Madison as a special student in 1886. He joined a fraternity in College while he took classes part time and he also worked for a civil engineer. He quit school without a degree a couple years later. He then went and work for architectual firm in Chicago and quickly quit that and went and worked for his idol, Louis Sullivan.He created todays modern skycraper.Then in 1889 he married his first wife Catherine Lee Tobin.
His marriage to her raised his social status because his wife dad was a wealthy business man. As a young adult he was especially good at residential design work. Wright got fired because he was taking special commisions and Louis Sullivan felt like he was designing houses behind his back. In order to provide for his growing family he had to take private commisions. He then went and created his own firm. He went on to design 50 plus houses in the Oak Park Area where he was living, It was said that if you didn't have a Wright home than you wern't living.