The lines that this sculpture contain are mostly curvy lines that make up many different shapes and sizes. There are also many lines on all of the shapes that go from the top to the bottom of the form.


The shapes that make up this artwork are mostly rounded shapes, for example, circles and cones. Swirls also account for a large number of the shapes.

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Picture_013.jpg ColorThis work of art contains many different colors, not really following any certain color schemes. The artist used many diverse colors that all fit together very nicely.


The implied texture when you are looking at it from the ground is that it is smooth. When you take a close up picture however, you notice that all of the shapes have indentations of lines so the actual texture would be rough.


This artwork is made of pure glass and because of the bright colors and the amount of light that shines through it, this piece would be considered high key.

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This piece illustrates actual form becuase the object is 3-D. It also shows closed form since there is no space that is interacting within the piece.


This piece has many shapes of different sizes, most of which overlap eachother. The overlapping and difference in the size of shapes help work together to give a sense of depth the the piece.


The balance of this piece is somewhat confusing, although the shape of the entire piece is the symmetrical; there are some different shapes on either side. However, Chihuly did a nice job balancing the shapes and therefore, this piece could be considered symmetrical


There is not just one place you look on this amazing work of art. Because it is so busy, your eye travels around the piece but does not stay in just one place. I think that the emphasis is on the entire, unique piece.

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Contrast in this piece is created by the lighter colors (yellows and light pinks) against the darker colors (dark blues and dark reds).

Repitition, Rhythm & Unity

The swirls in the piece are repeated many times with many different colors, this help to bring all of the other shapes and colors together to unify the piece.


With this ceratin piece there is not just one way your eye moves everytime. In my opinion, the entire piece is the place of emphasis. Your eye just wanders around the piece to admire all of the different colors and shapes.Photo by Author

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