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Design Analysis

Year- 1967

Size- It is 36 by 36 inches long, a good sized portrait.

Medium- "Marilyn Monroe" was produced by the color silkscreen method.

Lines- The only lines in this work are comprised by the edge of the facial features and hair. They are mostly curvy, as there are no straight lines in nature.

Texture- It is smooth in reality, and also appears smooth.

Shape- The shape is organic considering it is of a human face.

Color- There are multiple Monroe paintings by Warhol, all very similar in design, but with different colors. This work uses primarily blue (for her face) and yellow
(for her hair). Her eyelids are pink which contrast well with the blue. Her lips and teeth are red, as well as what appears to be her shirt. The colors don't stand out
as cool or warm colors, because the two main colors cover both sides of the spectrum.

Value- They are mostly high-key values, as the colors appear watered down instead of darker. I think everything is high-key except her hair and possibly lips and teeth, which might be hues.

Form- It is a closed form work, obviously two-dimensional in reality as it is a silkscreen. It also appears two-dimensional with no three-dimensional illusions.

Space- Space is not obviously present. The only space at hand would be created where she overlaps the light pink background.

Type of Balance- A symmetrical balance is present as the subject is a human face.

Emphasis- The subject is Marilyn Monroe's face. There is not much else present besides that. On her face, the red of her lips and teeth really stand out to me,
just because of the contrast they create.

Contrast- There are a couple very good spots of contrast. The red of Marilyn's teeth and lips contrasts well with the blue of her face. This is also true of her pink eyelids.

Repitition- There isn't a whole lot of repitition is this Warhol. If there had to be repition, it would be in her hair.

Unity- Created by the lack of repition, I don't see much unity.

Rhythm/Movement- I started at the brighter colors first. I started at her lips, went to her eyelids, her hair, then the rest of her face as it was more of a dull color.

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